why tea tree oil is loved by dermatologists?

Why is Tea Tree Oil Loved by Dermatologists? Tea tree oil includes those vitreous products that are suggested for the cure of everything. Tea tree oil is beneficial for the cure of acne, hair fall, and Dandruff. Tea Tree Oil is a single product that has a magical cure for all skin diseases.

What is Tea Tree Oil?

The tree named MELALEUCA ALTERNIFOLIA has oil-rich leaves. The oil extract from the leaves of this tree is known as tea tree oil. These trees are mostly present in Australia. Traditional healing is their main purpose of extraction of oil. Steam Distillation is the main method of extraction of essential oil.

It is a very strong oil in its original form, it may irritate the skin in its natural form, so this oil is mixed with some other oil like coconut oil or water to reduce its severity.

What Benefits Skin Can Get With Tea Tree Oil

Dermatologists love tea tree oil because of its remarkable benefits:

  • Tea tree oil carries key compounds that decrease the bacteria present on the skin’s surface that encourage acne production. This oil helps in reducing inflammation and redness from the skin. Caused due to acne.
  • Tea tree oil is antiseptic and very effective in its action, but some researches also showed that some ingredients in it cause dryness, peeling of the skin, or itching. These things are included in its side effect.
  • Tea tree oil contains acne-fighting features because it is antimicrobial in its characteristics. It is also employed to treat other illnesses such as Dandruff Athlete’s Foot, Dandruff, or nail fungal.

For Which Skin Tea Tree Oil Is Best?

  • Tea tree oil is best for acne-prone skin and oily skin because it removes bacteria from the skin’s surface and makes the skin smooth.
  • Tea tree oil is not suitable for dry skin, and it may cause irritation or inflammation. Tea Tree Oil is intended for use only on the skin. Always check whether it is suitable for your skin or not by applying it on the small patch of the skin if it causes inflammation or redness. Never use it again.

Ingredients that shouldn’t be matched with Tea Tree Oil?

Tea Tree Oil is free of chemicals, but it can be risky to apply on skin in pure form or undiluted form. Dermatologists recommend that: People that have sensitive skin should take care while applying any product containing benzoyl peroxide or retinol etc. Sensitive skin has a high potential of causing irritation or allergy, so avoid them. Only use Tea tree oil which contains all essential ingredients necessary for the cure of acne and is suitable for sensitive skin.

She also says that if anyone has eczema and impaired skin barriers, so they have a high chance of getting an infection, irritation, or inflammation. She recommended that these patients should not use tea tree oil directly on the skin because it makes it worse, apply ointments or any topical medicine which is inflammatory in action.


Dermatologists love Tea Tree Oil because it this the best and only natural cure for acne. It contains ingredients that fight the acne-causing bacteria and make skin smooth and calm. So if you have acne, you should try it at least one time.


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