what is a classic beauty

Classic beauty means your face has all the traditional standards of attractiveness according to your culture. Classic beauty is pure, charismatic, and naturally pretty.

Meaning Of Being Classic

Classic refers to something that is old but it valuable and prized. It’s is different from antique. Following are the meanings of being classic:

  • Belong to the highest rank
  • Serve as a standard
  • Well-known
  • Refined, formal, and restrained style
  • Reflect elegance and simplicity
  • A typical or traditional type

Which Women do Fall in the Category Of Classic Beauty?

A chart was designed in 1933 which depicts the features of a perfect face. A classic face should have the following features:

  • The length of the face is equal to the size of three noses.
  • The width of the upper and lower lip should be the same
  • There should be a width of an eye between two eyes.
  • Eyebrow and eyes begin on the same line
  • Symmetrical eyebrows
  • The width of the face across cheeks should be equal to two lengths of the nose.
  • Space between eyelids should match the area between the upper eyelid and eyebrows.

How To Be Beautiful Classically?

The essence of classic beauty is in simplicity. An elegant woman is very cohesive, soft, and subtle. Your everything should be at its best to make you classically beautiful in a crowd.

Modern trends are not meant for everyone. And to become a classic beauty, you don’t have to follow all current trends or wear expensive and branded accessories, but you should know how to carry yourself. Here are some basic rules to achieve classic beauty:

Avoid Trendy Clothes

Classic women always avoid trendy clothes. Instead, they prefer to wear simple, elegant pieces. Matte dresses in shades blue and black with some dazzling accessories, aviator glasses, and some elegant color scarf will give a classical beauty.

Avoid wearing plain black color. Although it is classy, it would be best to wear it with single other colors like red, white, or green.

Choose the color which complements your complexion and eyes.

It would be best if you wear an outfit which suits your complexion and eye color. Like,

  • Wear dark blue, orange, purple, black, white, turquoise, and dark red if you have blue eyes. The colors which you must avoid are lime green, baby blue, brown, and hot pink.
  • People with black eyes can wear any color because all colors suit them.
  • If you have green eyes, the colors which will look classy on you are black, off-white, brown, purple, and dark blue. Avoid grey, green, orange, white, bright red, and yellow.
  • Just like black eyes, almost every color suits brown eyes.

Don’t Dye Your Hair

Classic beauty is one whose hair is healthy, natural, and shiny. You must not dye your hair to become a classic beauty. Don’t do experiments on your hair. The chemicals on the hair make them frizzy and unhealthy.

Be Confident

Maintain your hygiene by making all proper hygiene habits like brushing, flossing, washing hands and feet, and taking a bath. A classic beauty lies in confidence, calm, being reserved, and always in control body. A good body will boost your confidence. Moreover, always think before speaking. Whatever you say, it should be of intelligence or significance.

Wear Light Makeup

Don’t do heavy makeup. Always do makeup enough to enhance your natural features. It will boost your confidence and make your skin healthy. Do matte makeup, which looks classic instead of glittery, shimmery makeup.


A natural beauty that reflects a person’s traditions is termed classic beauty. Remain simple, pure and enhance your charisma to be a classic beauty.


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