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Benefits of Rice Water For Hair

Benefits of Rice Water For Hair

As its name suggests, this hair elixir’s ingredients are listed in the formula’s name. In the case of soaking or cooking rice in water, the starchy liquid produced is known as rice water. A staple food in many countries, rice is one of the world’s most consumed grains. Folate, a B-Vitamin recognized for treating anemia...

How to choose the best bronzer for your skin tone

How to Choose The Best Bronzer For Your Skin Tone?

Bronzer should mimic a natural suntan and add warmth to the skin. It doesn’t matter if you have a light or dark complexion; you can benefit from attractive, vibrant makeup on any skin tone. We must do our business with discernment when we go shopping. We enlisted the help of beauty experts to help us...

How to blow dry your hair without so much damage

How to Blow Dry Your Hair Without So Much Damage

There’s no escaping the fact that blow-drying your hair is bad for it. It’s up to you how much damage you cause. Taking the time to blow-dry your hair correctly will have a significant impact on its health. According to Évolis Professional’s main scientist and hair biologist, Dominic Burg, blow-drying your hair properly is better...

Do beauty product expiry dates really matter?

Do Beauty Product Expiry Dates Really Matter?

When it comes to cleaning and organizing, we tend to focus on our closets. But what about our stash of beauty essentials? Our bathroom shelves are lined with products that we use daily, as well as lipsticks that are saved for special occasions and mystery items that have been there for so long they’ve become...

Best 7 foods that fight hair loss

Best 7 Foods That Fight Hair Loss

Hair loss affects both men and women and is a relatively common occurrence. It can be brought on by inheritance, hormonal changes, medical disorders, or simply the natural process of aging. On the scalp, you may notice thinning or even bald patches, circular or patchy bald spots, rapid hair loss, scaling patches as well as...

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