how to use agora skin care products

Nowadays, people are getting more considerate about their skins, and so is the demand for skin care products has increased. Markets are full of various skincare products by multiple brands, all claiming to be number one. But not every product suits every skin. You have to be conscious while selecting the products you are going to use. Agora skincare products are a good choice as they develop innovative formulas after skilled research and provide us with the best products. So let’s look into the detail of how to use agora products.

Agora Skincare Products

Agora features many good products for your skin, including face masks, vitamin C serum, moisturizers, anti-aging creams, collagen serums, sunscreens, etc. The worth mentioning agora products are:

  • Cinderella’s touch mask
  • Vitamin C brightening serum
  • Lifting hydration cream
  • Peel-off-age gel
  • Facial cleansing toner
  • Silky body butter

Now you know agora offers plenty of good products but there is a specified sequence to use these products. Moreover, always remember to apply sunscreen before going out to protect you from harmful radiation and skin cancer.

How To Use Agora Skincare Products | The Order Of Application

According to experts, one should always apply in a specific sequence to benefit from it. For example, many moisturizers have water content in them. When these moisturizers are applied to the skin, they may wear down your sunscreen by diluting it.

With many skin care products available in the market, it would not be easy to know how to apply them. Just remember not to leave the house without sunscreen in the morning. And about the night, you need to follow the following routine.

Makeup remover

First of all, apply a makeup remover to your face. Either use wipes or liquid makeup remover. Just make sure that your face is free of any makeup.

Wash face

After removing makeup, wash your face with a soap to remove any remnant makeup and dust particles.


Gently apply a toner to prepare your skin for moisturizing. Some people apply it with a finger while others use cotton pads; you can apply it with whatever you are comfortable.


Once you have done with makeup removal and toner, apply a facial cleanser to eliminate all the dirt gathered in your pores throughout the day. Moreover, always remember to exfoliate at least twice a week.

Spot treatment

You have to do this step if you have any spots or acne on your skin. Use dermatologists subscribed to medicaments directly on the site for maximum benefits.


Next, you will apply the serum to your skin. There are many nutrients enriched serums that you can use on your skin. Some people prefer all one type serums while others buy multiple serums according to skin needs. After serum, you can apply creams or lotions.

Eye cream

Ointments for eyes come as eye creams or eye serums. Use this to take care of your eyes. The area around the eyes is prone to wrinkling since it’s fragile. So you have to take special care of it.


Moisturizer is needed to repair and restore the skin. Apply a significant amount of moisturizer before sleeping so that your skin can repair itself while you rest.


Doing skincare is an essential commitment to yourself. You have probably heard that never go to bed without removing your makeup. Similarly, never leave your house without sunscreen. Agora offers plenty of products for both your night and morning routines. Use their top-quality products and get good skin.


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