how to take care of acrylic nail brushes

How To Take Care Of Acrylic Nail Brushes? Acrylic nails are becoming more popular among women because of their stunning and attractive looks.

To get your acrylic nails done, you have to visit a nail tech who can care for your nails and make them pretty for you. For this to happen, nail techs should have high-quality nail kits in the best condition possible.

Nail tech should have good quality acrylic powder in addition to the best quality nail brushes. Brushes need to be clean and damage-free to ensure clients get the best manicure they anticipated.

Dirty nail brushes are not just unhygienic for your salon, but they also give an unprofessional look in front of customers. Dirty and poor-quality brushes make it harder to create your best work, resulting in difficulty in controlling the acrylics and causing the lifting of nails.

So this blog will help you in taking care of your acrylic brushes.

Best Way To Clean Acrylic Brushes

The proper way to clear acrylic nail brushes is to wipe them with the same monomer that you have used on nail extensions. Sometimes, acetone nail remover may also be used, but it is usually not recommended. To wipe your brushes with a monomer after using them is the best way to keep them hygienic.

So, what steps do you have to take in order to maintain the cleanliness of your brushes? Firstly, you have to make a habit of wiping your brushes with monomer and lint-free cloth after every use. The monomer is better than brush cleaner because it is much softer and gentle on bristles. But in case you have stubborn build-up, follow the following steps to remove them:

  • Take a shallow dish and fill it with monomer nail liquid.
  • Soak the brushes in it from 2 hours to overnight.
  • Gently rinse the brushes with warm water.
  • Lay your brushes on a towel and let them dry
  • Once dry, soak them again in monomer for 2 hours
  • Again, lay them on a towel and let them dry.
  • This process will remove any lumps from your brushes.

Can You Use Acetone To Clean Acrylic Nail Brushes?

There are two types of acrylic nail brushes, natural hair brushes, and synthetic hair brushes. Natural hair brushes last longer and holds product better than synthetic ones, but they may also get damaged easily. So never use acetone or acetone-containing cleaner on them. Just use monomer to clean them.

While synthetic hair brushes can withstand acetone better than natural ones, they can also become dry. So don’t use this often.

Using acetone to clean your acrylic nail brushes is not recommended. Only use it if you have no other option left.

Take an acetone-soaked pad and wipe brushes with it. If this does not work, soak your brushes in the acetone but keep an eye on the whole process. Repeatedly check after some time and rinse the brushes.

Soak them in monomer once you are done. But remember that this process can damage brushes’ bristles, so only use it as a last resort.


Cleaning your acrylic brushes after every use is the only way to keep them clean and healthier. Always try to clean them using only monomers. Because when it comes to cleaning acrylic nail brushes, monomer, acrylic nail remover is considered best. You can use acetone if all other methods fail. But keep in mind that acetone may damage your brushes.

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