how to stop hair fall immediately?

Hair Fall is becoming a major problem that influences both men and women. According to one research, one-third population of the world is facing the problem of hair fall. Hair fall occurs because of some particular issues or because of genetic problems. But the persistent hair fall leads to severe hair loss, which is also known as Alopecia. Hair loss is a reduction in the volume of hair. Thinning of hair in both genders also influences self-esteem.

But there are a lot of things to stop hair fall immediately but to cure this issue, we have to know about the reason which is the real cause of hair fall.

Reasons for Hair Fall

Here, some causes of hair fall are discussed:

  1. Stress
  2. Hormonal disturbance
  3. Genetic Factor
  4. Thyroid issue
  5. Deficiency in nutrition
  6. Age
  7. Cancer Treatment
  8. Alopecia


Severe depression and stress lead to severe hair loss because stress turns hair follicles into their resting period. In this way, new hair is not produced, and the already presented hair falls out, which causes very severe problems.

Hormonal Disturbance

The hormonal disturbance causes hair loss, particularly in women. The secretion of progesterone, estrogen, and androgen in their required quantity is very important for health. If the secretion level of progesterone and estrogen decreases, the hair growth ceases, and if the increase in androgen level occurs, it causes a reduction of hair follicles which leads to hair loss.

Genetic Factor

Sometimes hair loss occurs due to hereditary factors. Some people have hair problems received by their parents. This is known as the genetic factor of hair loss.

Thyroid Issue

Thyroid Hormones are essential for entire body growth, especially T3 and T4. If their secretion is disturbed because of some issues, then it also affects hair growth. Thinning of hair also occurs because of a thyroid issue.

Here are some tips to stop hair falling immediately

  • By Improving your Diet
  • By Using Home Remedies
  • By Using Medicine

By Improving Your Diet

These things you should add to your diet to reduce or stop hair fall.


Eggs contain protein which is essential for hair growth. Eggs also contain vitamin B and Biotin, which both give strength to hair roots. Strong hair roots lead to strong and long hair.


Beta- Glucans, zinc, and fatty acids are present in oats. Oats are a great source of nutrition. Zinc in oats cures the damaged growth of hair, and fatty acids give strength to hair follicles.


Fibers, Vitamin C and B, and beta carotenes are present in carrots. Vitamin C is used to repair hair follicles to start the production of new hair.


Yogurt contains Vitamin B5, which resumes the stunted growth of hair. Damaged hair can also be cured with yogurt.

By Using Home Remedies

By using home remedies, we can stop hair fall immediately.

Egg Mask

By applying an egg mask, we can stop hair fall. Egg contains proteins that are essential for hair growth. To gain strong hair locks, you have to apply an egg mask continuously for two to three months.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera contains amino acids, enzymes, minerals, nutrients that are essential for hair growth. Continuous applying of aloe vera strength hair and give volume to them.


Amla is enriched with Vitamins and minerals. Vitamins C strengthens hair follicles which leads to the growth of new hairs.

By Using Medicines

If a severe hair fall occurs and is never cured by any remedy, you should consult with a Dermatologist and use the medicine suggested by him to stop hair fall immediately.


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