how to pick the perfect lipstick?

Lipstick is the heart of cosmetics. The foremost thing that comes first to mind when we think about makeup is Lipstick. Applying Lipstick to the lips can make a remarkable difference to the peculiarities of your face. But if you don’t put effort into choosing shades of Lipstick can spoil your entire look. That’s why it’s important to get information on which lipstick shades suit you.

How to Pick Perfect Lipstick?

 Steps to Pick Right Lipstick

Firstly it’s important to know about your skin’s undertone. There are three categories of people.

  • Cool Undertones
  • Warm Undertones
  • Mixture of Both

Type 1

 Your undertone is cool when your veins in your wrist give a bluish look or if the silver jewelry suits your skin tone, or if you tanned due to sunburn. The lipsticks that suit cool undertones have blue- or purple-shaded undertones. The example is for a red lip, go toward deep bluish-reds. For nude lips, you can choose rosy, beige, or pink nude colors.

Type 2

Your skin tone is warm when your veins give a greenish look, or gold jewelry suits you more than silver jewelry or if your skin tanned very easily.

The lipsticks which give the best look to warm undertones are lip colors in warm shades. Try orange, bloody reds, and light browns. What do you think about the nude color?

If you have a pale tone, then nude colors suit you.

Type 3

The women who have neutral undertones look elegant in both types of jewelry, i.e., silver and gold. Try Pink color for fair tone, Mauve colors for medium tone, and berry shades for deep tones. People with neutral undertones look good in both silver and gold jewelry.

Selecting An EveryDay Shade

  • Choose more than two shades that are deeper than your natural color of lips. To select shades, apply shade on the lower lip and compare with the upper lip.
  • While choosing the color of Lipstick, also prefer the color of your teeth.
  • While selecting a color, also think about which type of lips you want, smaller or large. Dark color gives a slim look to lips, while light colors give a bold look.
  • Select according to your skin tone and skin type.

Select Red Shade that suits your complexion

  • Pinkish red for fair skin and coral for bluish overtones.
  • Cherry red or bloody red is best for Tanned skin.
  • Orange-red for warm undertones
  • Wine red for cool undertones
  • Deep wine red for bluish undertones.

Tips To Buy Lipstick

  • Always check Lipstick before buying. To check shades, you must apply lipstick colors to your lips, but you can also check it by applying it on the upper hand.
  • Never apply any shade when there is already any shade present.
  • Remove all makeup before checking.
  • You can also take opinions from another person.


If you’re facing difficulty in finding the perfect lip shade for your complexion, then remember that your undertone will coincide with the shade you choose—cool undertones give a stunning look in cool lipsticks, warm undertones will look fabulous in warm shades, and neutral undertones gives an elegant look in any shades.

It’s very predominant to note that skin tone and undertone are two different elements. Skin tone is the depth of your skin that may be dark, medium, or fair, or according to seasons. And the undertones are that which reflects the base of skin. So there is a misconception that a fair tone cannot be warm or vice versa.


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