how to choose nail polish color?

How To Choose Nail Polish Color?  Make-up makes you more perfect and elegant. Nail Polish is a foremost element of cosmetics, and it is very important to know its use.

Choose Nail Polish According to Skin Type

Skin is categorized into different types, and different skin tones are discussed here:

Skin Tones

Nail Polish For Light Tone

A light tone needs colors that will enhance the skin complexion. It is foremost to select colors like blue and pink but refrain from dark color shades that will give an unwanted difference. Nudes and Pastels are the colors that perfectly match this type of skin type.

Nail Polish For Fair Tone

A woman of fair skin tone has various nail polish colors that suit her complexion. Fair skin tone women should avoid bright colors like bloody red, bright red or reddish-orange, or bright yellow because these colors create an unwanted difference. However, if you prefer to apply an advanced color, you must refrain from the orange and green shades.

Nail Polish For Tanned Skin Color

For this type of skin, it is foremost advised to use bright colors because it can increase your skin color, then apply the neutral shade of colors that match your skin tone. Bright shades of pink, purple, Blue and Pink, and blue are highly nominated. The tanned tone is suited by yellow undertone shades. It is also good to refrain from golden color nail polish.

Nail Polish For Medium Tone

The best match for a medium tone is peach or golden. The colors can also match with a yellow undertone and seems to dispose of with shades of blue and silver. Women with this type of skin tone should refrain from the darker purple, red, and navy blue shades.

Nail Polish For Dark Colors

Deep colors like maroon, Bloody red, green or mocha suit dark skin tones. Lighter colors like brown or chocolate also match perfectly. But women of this tone should refrain from brighter shades such as orange, silver and white, pink, etc.

Choose Nail Polish According To Polish Colors

Nude Colors

 Nude colors are the foremost priority for light-tone or medium-tone skin. Lighter skins give a stunning look in pinkish-nude colors. But refrain from beige color if your skin is pale because it could create a yellow undertone. But if the color of your skin is medium, then you should prefer beige and nude colors. They give an elegant look to your hands. But nude colors do not suit the dark complexion. They create an unwanted difference.

Pink Color

Pink color suits every skin type, whether it is dark or light. If you love pink and you have pale skin, then you can consider any pink color shade from baby pink to bright pink. Peachy pink shades give a stunning look on medium skin tones. Darker skin also cooperates with bright pink colors.

Blue Color

 It is a universal color that seems best on any skin tone. Suppose your skin is pale. Test navy blue to bright blue. Sky Blue suits medium skin tones. Eye-catching shades, like dark blues, give an elegant look on darker skin.

Purple Color

Purple suits any skin tone, but several shades match perfectly with different tones. If your skin is pale, then use lavenders. Use pastel and grey for medium skin. For dark skin, you can use brighter shades of purple. They give a perfect look.

Red Color

If you have pale skin, then you should prefer bright red colors. If your skin tone is medium, then go for the reddish-orange color. For Dark skin, you should prefer a red wine color.


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