how often should i get a facial for oily skin

Various cosmetic treatments are available to control the oil from your skin, and facial is one of them. While other treatments are required once in a while, some are needed to be repeated frequently. A facial is one of them because its results wear off after some time.

However, how often you should get a facial depends upon the type of skin. Dry or normal skin, you can only get a facial once a month. But on the other hand, people with oily skins have to get facial more often.

How Often Should I Get a Facial For Oily Skin?

Facial For Oily Skin

As you probably know, people with oily skin are more prone to breakouts and acne. So to keep skin healthy and prevent acne, you have to schedule a facial often. When you are experiencing breakouts, it’s better to get a facial twice a week or at least take a facial once a week if you don’t have time. Once the breakouts stop and not much excess oil production occurs, you can extend the time of facial.

If you are short on time to schedule a facial every week, then at least take a facial once a month. Book your appointment with your dermatologist and ask for your skin analysis. Your dermatologist can better evaluate your skin and tell you how often you need a facial for maximum results.

Book a Facial Prior To The Event

If there is an upcoming event, then it’s better for you to get a facial before the event. But how much prior should you book a facial?

As everyone knows, facials are good for skin, and they make skin brighter and soft instantly. But that’s not the case for everyone. Some people might suffer from redness of the face after the facial. This redness might take from a few hours to at least two days to fade away. So it’s better to book the facial at least one day before the event.

Preparations before facial

You need to do certain things before getting a facial to protect your skin from any sort of sensitivity reaction. Here is the list:

  • Stop scrubbing of face a few days before
  • Avoid exfoliation for a few days. Scrubbing and exfoliation prior to facial may make the skin extra dry and prone to irritation.
  • Avoid sun exposure. Start using sunscreen a few days or a week before facial.
  • For men, it’s better to shave on the day of the facial.
  • If you are on any type of medicine, bring the list to your doctor because some medicines make skin more sensitive.

Once you are done with the facial, you can go back to your routine without further precautions.


Oily skins are usually acne-prone, so people with oily skin have to put extra effort in order to make their skin healthy. People with normal or dry skin can survive with even one facial a month, but unfortunately, it is not the case with oily skin people. If you have oily skin, then you should take a facial at least once a week. Only then can your skin remain healthy.


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