Best Unnatural Hair Color For My Skin Tone

Sometimes, you may want to change your look due to various reasons. In such cases, only changing your hairstyle or getting a new haircut is not enough to change your outlook completely. For this reason, you may have to dye your hair to some unnatural hair color that will look fabulous on you.

Dyes of black and brown shades are always the people’s favorite, and they look good on almost everyone. But they don’t look unnatural. Nowadays, many unnatural hair colors, like pastels, blues, metallic, whites, are in trend, but not all colors suit everyone. Certain colors may look good on certain people but don’t look good on you.

So for this purpose, first, you have to understand the factors that may affect the look of dye on you before actually dyeing your hair.

How To Determine The Best Unnatural Hair Colour For You?

Many unnatural hair colors have gained popularity nowadays, and this popularity is not confined to just one gender. Regardless of your gender, you should go for it without feeling restricted if you want to dye your hair. But it would be better if you consider the following factors before dyeing the hair.

Skin undertone

The main thing which affects the outlook of any hair color on you is your skin undertone. There are different colors for warm and cool undertones. So, figure out your undertone first. There are many methods available on the internet to help people in determining their undertones. So once you have distinguished your skin tone, go for a dye.

Colors like ash brown or cool blonde best suits cool skin tones. While on the other hand, colors like auburn shades or dark golden look best on warm skin tones.

Color wheel

If you want your unnatural hair color to look good on you, then you should understand the color wheel first. Please don’t go with any color which contrasts with your natural hair color. Instead, choose the color that will compliment your skin tone, eye color, and wardrobe.

Your natural hair color

Evaluate your natural hair color before selecting a dye for you. For example, if you have grey hair, any shade will look brighter than usual so try to pick a darker shade. Similarly, if your natural hair is blonde, carefully select a color because shades may look different when applied to blonde hair.

Your environment and lifestyle

Consider the city and place you live in before opting for any color. Colors may fade away due to sun rays if you live in a warmer city. On the other hand, if winters are long in your living city, your dye will last longer.

Moreover, consider your workplace before opting for unnatural hair color. Colors like blonde and red are suitable for a professional environment, but colors like pink and blue do not blend with all situations. So think thoroughly before making a decision.

Unnatural Hair Colour For Warm Skin Tone

The following colors will look best on warm skin tones.

  • Peach
  • Pastel pink
  • Light green
  • Yellow
  • Autumn orange
  • Purple
  • Magenta
  • Sea blue
  • Forest green

Unnatural Hair Colour For Cool Skin Tone

Following colors are recommended for cool skin tones:

  • Platinum-blonde
  • Burgundy
  • Mahogany
  • Cold coffee
  • Blonde
  • Pearl
  • Bluish black


Many unnatural hair colors actually look good on people if chosen perfectly. So try considering your skin undertones along with other above-mentioned factors before opting for a certain color.


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